I am licensed since 1989 and am very experienced with problem solving and holding deals together no matter what the market conditions and circumstances are and I will do whatever it takes.  Please give me a call when you are ready to move forward.  I am excited to meet with you and view your home so that I can share with you my secrets and useful tips for prepping your home for sale.
When you are ready to start prepping your home for sale, I have a contractor that can help with that.  His name is Chuck and he can fix anything.  He is polite, courteous, and professional.  Chuck is a licensed contractor in California but now lives here in AZ.  He can also help with hauling away unwanted items while preparing your home for sale.  For the home inspection, I have a really excellent Home Inspector named David.  I will be giving you his information.  He is wonderful and very professional!  David is very thorough and will go over everything with the client.  If anything is in need of repair, he would work closely with Chuck to make sure everything is repaired appropriately and fairly priced.  It’s great ammunition to have your inspection report lying on the counter when prospective buyers come to view your home.  Once you have an offer and a list of repairs comes in, I will take the time to obtain estimates for you unlike many other agents.  I am happy to report that I have saved so much money for many of my clients!

I am REO and Short Sale certified. So, I’ve had extensive training in home valuations and pricing listings.  It is sometimes helpful to get a current appraisal and list your home $2,000 below the appraisal value.  We can market it as “Home Priced thousands below current market appraisal!”  It is also great ammunition to have the appraisal available to view on the kitchen table as well.  My extensive valuation training has also helped me in influencing the appraisals for my listings that are required and will also be helpful for the buyer of your home to obtain a loan.  
We will provide you with regular market condition data, comps and also internet clicking reports so that you can see factual data pertaining to the sale of your home.  Obtaining an appraisal is also a useful tool, but is not a “Crystal Ball”, nor an “Exact Science” for determining price due to outside factors in the market.  I have a plan in place called my “Thermostat Theory” which I am very excited to share with you when we meet in person at your home.
Feel free to lock my number into your phone as I am a Certified Life Coach as well and you can call me as much as you like. You can reach someone at my office easily as well.  I have exceptional people skills and follow-up skills.  I am an excellent negotiator and think creatively outside the box on putting deals together.  I have lending partners who offer unconventional private money financing.  I will notify you of showing appointments and pre-sell your home like an infomercial to the buyer agents.  I will call and send emails for Feedback on your showings.  I will try to overcome every obstacle or objection and attempt to convert every showing into a SALE for you.  I am a ”make it happen” kind of gal!
I am well respected within the real estate community which is helpful in the sale of your property as agents want to show my listings and work with me knowing they will have a pleasant, seamless transaction.

I’m a full time, full service Realtor and my commissions are flexible. I typically start at 6%.  It is best to list homes at 3% per agent because you will have more showings as the agents will tend to skip over the listings posted with commissions lower than 3%.  If an issue arises such as an appraisal coming in too low, then I am open to discussing reducing my commission as needed unlike most agents who will let a deal cancel rather than being flexible with the commission.

 Looking forward to Exceeding your Expectations!

Amy Laidlaw
Amy Laidlaw
1135 N Recker Rd Ste #102 Mesa AZ 85205